SILVER WHEEL Antifreeze GT11



SW  Antifreeze GT11 meets international and national standarts and is recommended for engines of all types. GT 11 meets the levels and is recommended for use by OEMs. It effectively protects against corrosion all the parts of cooling system including cooling jacket of the cylinder block, radiator, water pump and thermostat. SW  Antifreeze GT11 is prodused under HYBRID ORGANIC ACID TECHNOLOGY and contains no nitrates, amines, phosphates and borates. It is available as ready-mix  Antifreeze/ Coolant and requires no ilution.


– Excellent and stable motor protection of alloys that are used in modern cars

– Excellent protection against freezing and overheating 

– Dissipates heat more efficiently than conventional antifreeze, thus increasing the boiling temperature

Recommended use :

– allows prolonged replacement intervals  – up to 5 years or 250 000 km